“Began Using The Pet treats for my two German Shepherds During Monsoon Season…Both Deathly Afraid of thunder. When taking treats, The Monsoons were a lot easier to get through….no whining or hiding under beds.. Many Thanks for a great product. Paul in AZ''

“My Name is Teresa P I am 75. I have been drinking water with CBD. I feel good. I feel like myenergy is getting much better. I also see a difference in my skin, it feels smoother and more hydrated. It  truely is a great product. Teresa P.”

“LBC Bioscience Inc . has changed my life. My name is Linda and I have asbestos around the lining my lungs and have asthma. Having to take three different inhalers a day gets to be a bother. At times it got hard to breathe. I couldn’t stop coughing. Cannabidiol bettered the way I live my life. Since using CBD oil I don’t cough anymore, stopped using one of the three inhalers, and I can breathe better. Cannabidiol is a wonderful product. Overall I have a more improved quality of life! – Linda”

“Hi my name is Rose. I have horrible acid reflux, joint pain, and I stress eat. CBD oil was something I’ve never heard of before so why not give it a go? I bought the Fruit Punch flavor of LBC Bioscience Cannabidiol at 500 MGs. Ever since then I have no more acid reflux or joint pain. I don’t even stress eat anymore! CBD oil has helped me in so many ways. I really recommend people to try Cannabidiol and watch it change your life. – Rose”


“Here’s how CBD oil has changed my life. Since I was in Jr. High I’ve suffered from severe panic and anxiety attacks. At a  young age the doctors started prescribing me prescription medicine for my disorder. Little did I know these pills they were prescribing me were highly addictive. I started to notice myself depending on them more and more. In fact my anxiety would get dramatically worse if I didn’t have them everyday. They started to alter my state of mind and personality. I was realizing these pills were making me worse then what I was before, so I started looking in to a natural way of treating my attacks. I purchased some CBD oil from the LBC Bioscience Inc. it has changed my life immensely. Just a few drops under the tongue instantly calmed my anxiety. A few puff from the vapor pen had the same effect. I highly recommend trying CBD oil over perception pills any day. Its non-habit forming and helps clam my anxiety better then anything else has. This stuff has changed my life for the better. I hardly have anxiety attacks anymore. I can’t preach how much this has helped.” – Jennifer T.


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